Azure Architect with a passion for technology

Letters Never to Be Read 1

When I was like 19 I used to write letters to people and just save them away on a hard drive. Really helped me process some emotions. I wonder if the people who I wrote them for would enjoy reading them. I think today I should upload them here. I’m going to redact personal information, I don’t need these people know what I was thinking about them directly. I need to leave some to the imagination.


Who am I? Ask me professionally, I’m an Azure Architect. I work at a travel company called Sabre. I have an avid love for bridging the gap between people and technology. Technology should be an extension of yourself, it should work seamlessly no matter how you interact with it. A tool for productivity, performance and optimization. I started from as a low level support agent, then moved up a couple times to a role where I could led and enact change across an environment, making technology better for everyone.